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Extreme Tank Wars Extreme Tank Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wats wit the lowish score and bad reviews

I logged on ng to play a ba game to waste some time and i saw this in the featured games and so i was like hell yeah that sounds bad ass.... And i played it, and it was bad ass.... it doesnt need alot of work or n e thing, it wasnt glitchy at all from what i saw and ran really smoothly. The surprisingly fast overheating gun isnt something that makes the game bad, thats an opinion as to what you want or not. It made it challanging, i havent beaten it yet, im on lvl 18 and the only thing i can find bad about it is that im already maxed out... but thats normal in most games... The time limit allows for more points, i havent once not finnished the level within time, though most of the time the points gained from it isnt that good... The save works well and u can jump right back into play if u die... This game should at least have a 4, there are no gigantic flaws or ne thing... 10/10 Great music, good enough graphics, great gameplay, bad ass game. You other reviewers, go to hell...